Using One-Tap Reactions for More Efficient Communication


You probably know by now that you and your team members can respond to the messages you receive in Crew with an assortment of Reaction Icons. Just tap the message itself, or the Reaction menu next to it, to see the available selection.

Choose from the options in the Response Icon Menu

You can also dig deeper into the receipt details of a message for more information about who has read—and who hasn’t read—what you’ve sent. See the Message Receipt Details article for more info about the Details screen.

Reacting to a Message

Scroll through the menu to choose from 20 different Quick Reply icons—including Gold Star. These are great for cutting down on unnecessary organizational chatter because they don’t trigger group-wide Notifications. On the other hand, each typed response will be alert everyone on the message thread—which could be every team member in the organization.

There are other ways to react to a message. You can

Reading Your Reactions

Tap any of your own messages in a Chats thread to go directly to the message Details screen. From there you can tap “Reactions” to see which of your readers left which Reaction icons.

Tap “Reactions” on your own messages to see who sent which icons

Note for iOS users

iOs users can tap a lockscreen message and have access to a selection of a few of the most popular reaction options right from there.

iOS users can find some Reaction Icons on their lockscreens

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