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When you send a message to a Group in your Organization, it can be helpful to know which Group members have read it. When a message develops into a conversational thread with many posts it’s even more important to be able to tell who has read what. Crew is here to help.

Reaction Icons and Much More

Tapping on the Reactions Menu next to each message in a thread gives you a whole range of response icons

Choose from the options in the Response Icon Menu

Message Details

But from the same screen you can also access detailed information about who has read each message, as well as how many people have not yet seen it.

View diagnostics for each message from the Details screen

Access to the message Details screen varies slightly by device

  • iOS users tap “Details” at the bottom right of the Reactions Menu
  • Android users tap the “info” icon at the top right of the Reactions Menu

Note Tapping your own message in the thread sends you directly to the Details screen.

From the Details screen you can tap “Reactions” to see who left which Reaction icons.

Tap “Reactions” on your own messages to see who sent which icons

Other Options

You can also easily copy a message to pass on or reposition it, as needed. The sender of a message—as well as any Admin—can also delete it.

  • iOS users tap “Copy” at the bottom left of the Reactions Menu
  • Android users tap the “copy” icon at the top right of the Reactions Menu

One-on-One Conversations

You can even get to the Details screen in a one-on-one conversation, with all the same information and options available as in a Group chat. Simply tap the message in your Chats thread.

One-on-one conversations are time stamped within the Chats thread to let you know when the other person read your message. Note In Group conversations only Reaction icons let you know how long ago they were left; this info can be found on the Details screen under “Reactions.”

She didn’t respond—Did she see that message I sent?

Beneath a message that’s only been read, photo icons indicate who read it. Tapping on those photos can also lead you to the Details screen.

These people read the message but didn’t respond

Photo icons do not appear in one-on-one conversations. Instead you’ll simply see that the message has been read, in addition to when it was read.

He still hasn’t read that message

Admins can remind team members who seem to be behind on their Group conversations that they have a message waiting to be read.

  1. From the Details screen of a specific message, tap on the “Not Read” option. (See above for directions on getting to the Details screen, if needed.)
  2. Tap “Remind”

You can “Remind” a team member that they need to check out a specific message


Note Sometimes team members may see all or part of a message on their lock screens. In that case the message won’t necessarily register as having been “read” and no record may appear in the chat thread.

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